Tony John


the storY diplomat

Welcome to my home of story-based services.
Everything I offer as a professional leverages the profound power of storytelling to unlock both business and human potential.
By delving into your unique narrative, I will help you uncover the captivating stories that define you and your brand. So if you're ready to transform the stories that have shaped who you are and what you do into tools to help you be and do more, join me on a powerful journey where storytelling becomes a powerful tool shaping your business and personal success.


Strategic Business Coaching

Especially suited for C-suite professionals and those in leadership roles to harness the transformative power of storytelling to impact performance and results. My novel approach allows you to tap into your unique potential, empowering you to address challenges with heightened clarity and effectiveness.  Join me in this journey, and experience the transformative power of storytelling as it reshapes your business reality.


As an adjunct to my coaching practice, I host 'Tony John iN Conversation', a podcast series where I engage with extraordinary individuals who excel in their fields. By exploring their narratives, we unravel the practices that keep them on the path of excellence. This adds a unique dimension to my coaching methodology, providing real-world insights that can be applied in your leadership journey.

Story Ambassadorship

As part of my coaching approach, I offer brands 'Story Ambassadorship,' a first-of-its-kind Story-As-A-Service program. This unique initiative, co-developed with leading narrative experts, allows me to shape the key stories driving your organization into marketing and educational content to support corporate goals. The focus is on maximizing Brand Story Impact both internally and externally, inspiring action, fostering connectivity, and positively impacting culture and commerce.


My commitment to continual growth extends to 'Better Tomorrow', a weekly newsletter curated with valuable resources. It serves as a supportive tool to my coaching practice, offering bite-sized nuggets of wisdom and insights from remarkable individuals who inspire constant improvement.

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Each profile Tony writes of a BLBC member is a beautiful celebration of an amazing woman’s life. I wouldn’t entrust anyone but Tony with this responsibility.
Nodár Beghiyl
Founder, Brilliant Ladies Business Club
The way he wrote the story of my family’s history, heritage, and brand made me realise the difference between Storytelling and Tonytelling.
Lita Asscher | President,
Royal Asscher Diamond Company
Tony spent four hours talking to me, then explained my entire life with just one page of words, capturing the essence of how I experience myself. He knows the recipe of how to make a powerful story
François Geurds
3-Michelin Star Chef

Worked with and for

Ramzy Group / van Egmond, architecten / Scotch Whisky Investments / Royal Asscher Diamonds / Ghosson al Khaled / CARNIVALE / François Geurds / Mathrix / Iamsterdam / Female Cancer Foundation / Brilliant Ladies Business Club / Element / Amsterdam Brew Boys / Akera / Spang Makandra / Rafael van der Vaart / Monta / Undisputed / Madurodam / Lodewyck / KHALID KasEm / IrishAmerican / Black Dragon / Burger King / Helden Magazine / Ishu

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